Available courses

What is personality development and how can you learn to develop a healthy Muslim personality? This course looks at how societies and families accomplished the building of a healthy Muslim personality in the past, and what you can do today to build a healthy Muslim personality in yourself and those around you. We will be turning, naturally, to the literature that describes the personality of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as our source for how to shape a healthy Muslim personality.

Upon completion of this course, the student will gain a deeper understanding of Hadith literature, the Prophetic Narrative, and how to apply them to bring about personal growth.

Discover the Message God is sending you through this class about the Meanings of the Quran, God's Letter to you. With Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa, you will take a journey to discover your purpose in life - what God is inviting you to become and do in this world. As you read God’s Letter to you, you will become empowered to have a personal relationship with your Creator. 

This class includes a discussion as well as opportunities for asking questions and getting sound, reliable advice. Find your purpose in life!

An intermediate level Arabic course for the learner with a working knowledge of the Arabic language. This 60-hour intensive online course is offered over a period of 15 weeks and will go into Arabic grammar, comprehension, and pronunciation at a level of complexity appropriate to those who have already covered the basics. The main text that will be studied for examples is the Holy Quran. The course aims at bridging the gap between beginner and intermediate levels. Students will be exposed to examples from the Verses of Quran as well as simplified authentic Islamic sources.

Designed for students who know the Arabic alphabet but nothing or very little beyond it, this 60-hour intensive course is offered over a period of 15 weeks and will cover basic comprehension, grammar and pronunciation. 

Designed for students with no prior knowledge of Arabic, this course presents an introduction to the Arabic sound system and script. Pronunciation and writing of every letter are taught and then examined through the way they appear in the context of words and simple sentences. Learning outcomes are mastery of the alphabet, basic reading and basic writing. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify the Arabic letters in their oral and written forms.

Get an introduction to Maliki Fiqh, the jurisprudence of how to engage in devotional practices dedicated to your Lord. With Shaykh Adeyinka Muhammad Mendes, you will go through contemporary texts and guidance and have the opportunity to ask questions. The course will cover the principles of the school of Imam Malik ibn Anab, as well as the rules, principles and spiritual dimensions of ritual purification.